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Some best friends are smaller than others ‘Queen Crab’ – DVD review


Every now and then a film comes along that’s so ridiculous you can’t help but smile while watching. As much as I truly enjoyed the Ray Harryhausen’s styled cinema in QUEEN CRAB the film was even a little too silly for me. That’s saying a lot as over the course of the years I have endured some pretty tragic films and while not exclusively on that list QUEEN CRAB is on the outside looking in. Still the film gives that classic B- movie big monster feel which brings a nostalgic glimpse that has created cult fans for years.

Stills from Queen Crab

Stills from Queen Crab

QUEEN CRAB is truly a traditional B rated flick. All the elements are there from the start. The crazy scientist with the unruly wife, the loner child, small hick town sheriff and deputy, the returning Hollywood star and of course the monster. Brett Piper’s flick follows a young woman who has befriended a crab from her father’s lab and feeds it some grapes that have the unique ability to spawn growth. After she loses her parents she and the crab becomes closer and it becomes a deadly secret that the town will never come back from. QUEEN CRAB has many fun moments and was actually a lot bloodier than expected. Once “pee wee” and her babies get going they really wreak havoc on these bumpkins. Some of the gore is so comical that you will roll out of your seat with laughter thinking “did they really just do that?”. Knowing that this film is over the top and understands that you shouldn’t take it too seriously will make this film enjoyable for some. Others will have to look at themselves deep and hard to understand why they just picked up a film about a giant killer crab.

Stills from Queen Crab

Stills from Queen Crab

What you see is what you get with QUEEN CRAB and that’s fine. Sometimes it’s hard to give a precise and intelligent review with a film of this caliber but that’s what makes this job fun. Some films are just so off the wall that trying to be serious while reviewing or watching will make you miss the mark for sure. QUEEN CRAB was not a horrible watch by any means but it is created for a specific audience. Hopefully that crowd will find the film as it take them back to a time with this type of effects reigned supreme.




QUEEN CRAB is directed by Brett Piper and stars Michelle Simone Miller, Kathryn Metz and Rich Lounello. It is now available on DVD courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing. 


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