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In a blink you could lose them forever ‘Pay The Ghost’ – movie review


During the Halloween season you may run across certain films that give you more than you initially bargained for. Set in the right time and presented with the correct mood features based around our precious holiday have no issue providing substantial entertainment even if the storyline is not as spectacular. Such is the case with Uli Edel’s PAY THE GHOST. The Nicholas Cage starring film is a traditional kidnapping epic mixed with a little supernatural flair. Think RANSOM meets MAMA. It’s truly a supernatural thriller that won’t wow you by any means but is appropriate for the current trend of movies involving netherworld regions.


PAY THE GHOST is a CANDYMAN like experience in regards to an urban legend that those who creep in the shadows only know about. Nicholas Cage plays a busy professor looking to achieve tenure in his job while unfortunately neglecting his responsibilities at home. To make up for time missed with his son, on Halloween night he takes him to the local carnival. While the two go for ice cream a slight distraction makes his son vanish and he becomes the number one suspect as he tries to piece together what happened. With his wife distraught and the cops on his back he spends a year dealing with this until flashes of his son start to appear again but unfortunately so does something else. PAY THE GHOST is a film that I think casual horror fans will truly enjoy. It has a nice amount of jump scares and the surrounding lore around the mysterious figure is interesting enough to keep the viewer engaged. Similar to many films Cage is involved with, while it’s a decent watch it does create an forgettable dynamic as the film excels more in mystery than horror.


By all accounts there are plenty things to enjoy in PAY THE GHOST and as mentioned before it’s great for this season. How people gauge their like/dislike for the film will deal more with the performance of Cage as he is the focal point of the film. Love or hate him the man continues to make films but if you aren’t a fan I don’t think that should disway you from seeing PAY THE GHOST. Really it’s just a nice addition to a myriad of Halloween styled films to keep you geared up through the season.


2.5 / 5


PAY THE GHOST is directed by  Uli Edel and stars Nicolas Cage, Jack Fulton, Elizabeth Jeanne le Roux, Erin Boyes, Alex Mallari Jr.,Lyriq Bent,Sarah Wayne Callies,Veronica Ferres and Juan Carlos Velis. PAY THE GHOST is currently in limited theaters and on demand an iTunes courtesy of RLJ Entertainment.



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