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First images from mystery thriller ‘The Hollow’


Believe us when the leaves start to change and the air gets colder there is nothing better than a good mystery thriller. From filmmaker Miles Doleac and award winning producer Lisa Bruce comes the whodunnit killer THE HOLLOW. The film follows an F.B.I. agent heading into the rural area of Mississippi to investigate a triple homicide. THE HOLLOW is set to release early in 2016 so be on the lookout for more details on the film soon. For now enjoy the plot and some stills from the film.

The first stills from one of the most anticipated new movies of 2016, The Hollow, have been released.

From Acclaimed filmmaker Miles Doleac and Academy Award Winning producer Lisa Bruce (The Theory of Everything), The Hollow fixes on a team of F.B.I. agents as they arrive in a small town in Mississippi to investigate the death of a U.S. congressman’s daughter in a mysterious triple homicide.

The ensemble cast includes James Callis (TV’s Battlestar Galactica, TV’s Eureka), William Sadler (TV’s Hawaii Five-0, Machete Kills), William Forsythe (TV’s Boardwalk Empire, Halloween) and Jeff Fahey (TV’s Lost, TV’s From Dusk Till Dawn : The Series).


The Hollow will be released 2016.



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