Horror Movie Trailer

‘Night of The Babysitter’ releases debut teaser


A film we have been anxiously waiting to hear something from is the horror crime thriller from Self Destruct Films and Louis Edward Doerge, NIGHT OF THE BABYSITTER. We mentioned the film some time ago when it was in it’s crowd funding campaign and now the studio has returned with an all new teaser! NIGHT OF THE BABYSITTER  stars the stunning Dora Madison and HMU friend and genre favorite Bill Oberst Jr. Take a glance ahead at the updated details for the film including their awesome looking throwback trailer as the entire film was shot on Kodak 16mm.

The following is a director-edited teaser for Louis Edward Doerge’s horrifying crime thriller, Night of the Babysitter.

Night of the Babysitter was shot entirely on Kodak 16mm film, and examines the relationships between the remnants of a vengeful family and their ambiguously guilty victims. The film begins with The Babysitter, played by Dora Madison (Chicago Fire, Friday Night Lights) and her Father (Bill Oberst Jr.) at the tail end of a year-long revenge mission against those the Father blames for the death of his wife. How responsible those he accuses are, however, remains to be seen.


Babysitter is a tale of what happens when anger dominates remorse, building to a nail-biting conclusion in which the audience must decide who the heroes and villains of this story really are.




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