FrightFest unveils product line with ‘FrightFest Enterprises’


The leading genre film festival in the UK FrightFest is extending their reach and brand even further.First they have launched their own VOD brand FRIGHTFEST PRESENTS which is now up and streaming. Now they have announced the release of a merchandising line deemed FRIGHTFEST ENTERPRISES or FFENT. The intent is to offer genre inspired apparel and items from some amazing designs for the public to consume. Their website has already been launched and right now you can get your hands on some HELLRAISER prints and shirts for you or your loved ones. Head over and give it a glance now and read ahead for all the details on the line.


TheHorrorShow.TV’s David Hughes, who has joined the new enterprise as co-director, said today:  “I’m thrilled to be working with the FrightFest team in bringing some top-drawer merchandise to fantasy and horror fans under the new FrightFest Enterprises umbrella”.

Ian Rattray, FrightFest co-director added:  “We have some exciting projects in the pipeline and the initial range of T-shirts and poster prints is only a taste of things to come.”

Current range includes limited edition prints of Hellraiser ‘Pinhead’ by Gilles Vranckx, Hawk the Slayer prints by Nat Marsh and Hellraiser ‘Pinhead’ T-Shirts.

Further product will be announced soon.

#FFENTS can be found at



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