Horror Movies

If you are reading this you may already be in a horror film

It’s common among purists and casual horror fans that when watching a flick of death you may ask yourself what would I do? How would I survive this tale of terror and be the last man or final girl standing. Just think for a second that you are in a ghost film. Would you use everything the Winchester boys have taught you to burn those bones to victory? Or how about the time honored tradition of a zombie apocalypse? There are tons of ways you can survive or be eaten alive by the hordes of the undead. Let’s not forget the slasher genre. Should you hide in that abandoned farmhouse or look for a more public setting? For some it does not matter. That hockey mask wearing , machete wielding goon will find you no matter where you dwell. So what would you do when confronted? In SCREAM Randy gave us a set of rules from analyzing films like PROM NIGHT. No sex, no drugs were all things not to many of us were happy to hear about. Well we have an awesome infographic ahead for you to check out that may give you a bit of strategy on how you may be able to make it to the credits of any kind of horror film. So if you are reading this who knows you may already be in a horror film. How will you survive?

Man Crates _ The Horror-page-001

We want to give a special thanks to MAN CRATES for providing us with this great infographic. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the manly man in your life then you can’t go wrong with the selection of epicness from MAN CRATES. See all they have to offer head over to their website right now!


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