‘Tales of Halloween’ exclusive tweet engagement this Wednesday


A film that delivers the pure carnal nature of the season TALES OF HALLOWEEN is now available on demand. Epic Pictures has decided to do something special for you the fans this upcoming Wednesday Night. They will host a live tweeting session while screening the film and want all of you to participate. All you have to do is rent or buy the film and at 9pm ET press play and get ready for an awesome interactive experience. By following along on Twitter, Periscope and more fans will be able to chat with the cast and directors while having the chance to hear some fun behind the scenes moments and win some exclusive prizes! Right now you can submit questions to the cast which will give you a nice discount on renting the film. Check out all the details and tune in this Wednesday Night for TALES OF HALLOWEEN. Don’t forget to read Dan’s review of the film here.

Epic Pictures Releasing invites fans to join the directors & cast of TALES OF HALLOWEEN to screen the film and live-tweet with them on Wednesday, Oct. 28th at 9:00pm ET.

Directors prepared the following invitation video:

During the live-tweet, the cast and directors will be providing exclusive behind-the-scenes fun facts, giving away prizes and answering fans¹ questions in real-time via Twitter and on video via Periscope.

To join the live-tweet, fans rent or buy the movie and hit PLAY when Wednesday at 9:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm Pacific.

Directors/cast comments will be available on search using #TalesOfHalloween.

Fans are also invited to submit their questions in advance and receive discount to via Vimeo following this link: or e-mailing directly to: LIVETWEET@TOH-MOVIE.COM.

Additional information on our Facebook event page:

Other Information:


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