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‘Abandoned Dead’ selected as official entry for Fangoria Online Film Festival


Now usually we aren’t the type of website to promote the competition but this article’s purpose is a tad bit different. For decades FANGORIA has been in the forefront of horror and this year marks the debut of the FANGORIA ONLINE FILM FESTIVAL. One film that’s been selected for the gala is a feature we have been watching since inception. Mark Curran’s supernatural thriller ABANDONED DEAD has been M.I.A. on our site for sometime but we are proud to announce their return. They have been officially selected for the online festival that takes place on November 13th. It’s also worth mentioning that ABANDONED DEAD is heading to this year’s AFM. You should finally get our thoughts on the film soon but for now read on for the official release.

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Horror-Suspense indie Thriller ‘Abandoned Dead’ has been named as an Official Selection in the 2015 Fangoria Film Festival. The FIOFF is presented by the world’s best known and most respected horror magazine, Fangoria. Among the judges panel are George A. Romero (‘Night of the Living Dead’), Tom Holland (‘Chucky’) and Tom Savini (‘Night of the Living Dead’).

‘Abandoned Dead’ is the story of a security guard trapped in a run-down inner-city medical clinic, terrorized by supernatural forces which threaten to overtake her. It was written and directed by Mark W. Curran.

Starring in the feature film are Sarah Nicklin (‘Sins of Dracula’) Robert Wilhelm (‘Transformers 3’) and Judith O’Dea (‘Night of the Living Dead’)

Abandoned Dead is scheduled for US/Canada release in January 2016 on all digital platforms including PPV Cable, i-Tunes,Hulu and Roku.


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