Horror Movies Uncut Creepy Ass Halloween Giveaway


When you combine HMU, Creep Street and some newly released horror flicks there is only one thing to do. Give some shit away for free! So we figured why the hell not? Our favorite holiday is upon us and our buddies at Creep Street have been dishing out some new apparel. Since we started this site we have been telling our readers about this fire ass product line from a group of individuals that have no problem mixing booty, with horror and pizza.  So we reached out to them and a few of our DVD distributors about helping us create another one of our famous prize packs to give  two lucky winners this Halloween season. As with every contest to enter is simple and sweet but unfortunately for our fans overseas this will be a US Domestic only contest. We have shirts, stickers, ski masks and DVDs to give out and to enter head over to Horror Movies Uncut and hit our contact page for your chance to grab one of these packs. You have until 11:59 on Midnight to enter as by then we will be too wasted to read your emails! Good luck to all who participate and make sure you head over to CREEP STREET right now to check out their new shit!


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