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From death with love ‘Clinger’ – movie review

Let me start of by saying Clinger is a lot better than it should be. I guess my expectations for low budget horror films is quite low these days, not to say films about the supernatural aren’t usually at the top of my list to check out. HOWEVER. Clinger is a great film. Fun, inventive and made with love.

Stills and images from CLINGER

Stills and images from CLINGER

Fern Peterson meets Robert Klingher (get it???) while running. She is practicing for a running meet when she falls down and dislocates her arm. Robert rushes to her rescue, resets her arm and the pair begin their courting. Fern loses interest while Robert’s ‘love’ turns into obsession (featuring one of the most annoying love songs ever written) and in a freak accident he loses his head – literally – and dies, only to come back as a ‘love ghost’ to haunt Fern and bring her to the other side to live together, forever.

Stills and images from CLINGER

Stills and images from CLINGER

I’ve seen a few horror comedies of ex lovers coming back as zombies, ‘Burying the Ex’ is one that comes to the top of my head. That film was somewhat enjoyable and underrated in my opinion. However Clinger is head and shoulders above the normal ‘ex coming back’ genre predominantly for its creativity and humorous script. The script has zingers which are sometimes too good for the low budget film Clinger is. This may sound harsh it’s just the majority of low-budget horror comedies I’ve seen on the same playing field as Clinger often have mediocre scripts that don’t try to push outside the boundaries. Clinger does, and has a lot of fun doing it. It really sets a new bar on what you can do with a low budget and most of it works (some of the CGI is questionable though).

Stills and images from CLINGER

Stills and images from CLINGER

The acting is a bit bleghhhh, the actors do hit their marks but with some just barely. Yet like a bad smell, the longer you stay with it the less noticeable it is and with the type of comedy that Clinger is some of the acting is excusable. Michael Steves is a director to watch and it is always exciting to see fresh ideas and love for horror on the screen. This is worth checking out. Who knew having a murderous love ghost on your tail was so much fun?


CLINGER is directed by Michael Steves and stars Vincent Martella, Jennifer Laporte, Lisa Wilcox and Debbie Rochon.


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