So yeah there is a live exorcism going on up the street from me


For those of you who peruse the social media stream known as Facebook and happen to live in the midwest. You may have noticed something common today. All across various news outlets and blogs there was talk of a “live” exorcism taking place in the city HMU calls home St. Louis, Missouri. Now I know what you are thinking and yes I felt the need to ask the same questions. How is all this going to go down? Are they truly bringing in some tortured soul and attack them Father Merrin styled with a full blown ritual practice? I mean, surely there would have to be a religious figure that would oppose this and do everything in their god loving power to stop this from happening. No matter the case I knew one thing for certain I had to see it.

**updated** with more photos 10/31 11:50 am

So it’s like this.


I first heard word about this event a few months back because unlike most people in my city I actually know what Destination America is. Destination America is one of those channels with tons of bigfoot reality shows but also carries one thing I do watch, pro wrestling. Ever since the end of August during the programming for TNA Impact Wrestling they have been advertising this live exorcism. It was setup to run the night before Halloween and would be conducted by the Ghost Asylum crew and one host. That host would be Chris Jacobs but nothing else was disclosed on what was taking place. Then something astounding happened. One of these weeks it was announced that the event was taking place at the famous Bel Nor House in St. Louis, Mo. A huge grin came across my face as I thought “that’s right up the street!” Even though I knew there would be no way I would be allowed to witness this all firsthand I figured I would at least stop by the shoot with the hope of catching something compelling to tell you all.


While that was clearly not what we returned home with we did find out some interesting things surrounding the shoot. These were told to us by the one of the security guards on duty. This particular protector of the the exorcism was a having a very peculiar second day. After his first day of duty which involved dealing with the people of the area masquerading their dogs through the neighborhood to get a peak. He woke up to his significant other posting a video on Facebook of his security badge and later had a lunch that totalled $6.66. Coincidence? Maybe but he did show a few photos of he and some other guards going into in house yesterday. He said there was not much action around the house just nosy bystanders doing everything possible to get close to the set in crew. There were people crawling through bushes and around the side of the house. There also may have been some type of satanic ritual going on outside the manor as well. It surely was a spectacle to see so many people interested in this exorcism for a channel most had no clue even existed.

On this cold night there was an exorcism conducted on a house in the suburbs of St. Louis. A perfect Halloween treat for a city filled with a haunted past and great tradition. The Bel Nor house once housed the boy that THE EXORCIST was based off of. For horror fans it’s a gem of a landmark that i’m proud to say is in my own backyard.  While I’m not sure how successful the exorcism went (i’m watching the show after I type this) I can say that for night our little neck of the woods received some due attention. Hopefully the show didn’t turn out too cheesy but one thing is for sure i’ll be checking my receipts tomorrow!


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