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Fracking horror feature ‘Unearth’ in final hours of Kickstarter


Usually when we post about a film in the final stages it’s to help get them the push they need to satisfaction. That is not necessary in the case of UNEARTH which is the feature from John C. Lyons. See UNEARTH is already funded to completion and more and we should be hearing news on when production is starting. Still we wanted to inform you about the film as it brings new life into conspiracy theory, government involved horror. Fracking is a dangerous drilling into the ground that if done in the wrong place could unleash some dire consequences. UNEARTH looks to exploit these theories. Take a look at the details ahead including some stills from the project. We should hear more on the direction of UNEARTHED in the near future.

Jennifer Hooper in UNEARTH

Jennifer Hooper in UNEARTH

Erie Pennsylvania – Lyons Den Productions is thrilled to announce their Kickstarter campaign for “UNEARTH”, a feature film that’s equal parts character-driven drama and eco-horror, has surpassed its minimum funding goal in just 10 days. The project has also been recognized as a Kickstarter “Staff Pick” and will be featured as their “Film Project of the Day” on October 30th. Earlier in the month, IndieWIRE, a popular independent film website, recognized “Unearth” as their “Project of the Day” and author Chuck Palahniuk (“Fight Club”) tweeted his support.


Inspired by increasing environmental concerns ripped from today’s headlines, “Unearth” is a uniquely American horror story about two neighboring farm families whose relationships and very lives are put to the test when one of them chooses to lease their land and have it drilled for natural gas.


The Kickstarter campaign is being used raise the necessary funds for the project to go into production next year in northwestern Pennsylvania. The more funding the project receives the more resources the filmmakers will have to make a better film. Interested persons can back the project until November 5th at 10:00 AM EST through Kickstarter.


The film’s writer and director, John C. Lyons, said of these latest developments “The strong, global support for our film has been amazing. I spent my entire youth on farms and in the woods of Pennsylvania and learned the importance of the land and our relationship to our environment. This is a deeply personal story with an important message and I can’t wait to bring the script to life.”


Horror film fanatics and eco-conscious citizens alike are encouraged help make the film a reality by contributing to the project’s Kickstarter campaign:



The campaign rewards backers with everything from DVDs and original artwork to a chance to be cast in the film and attend its premiere. Lyons has been working closely with Mercyhurst University’s Quickstarter program to develop and build the campaign.



Be wary what you reap, when your land is sown with secrets.

When one desperate family leases their farmland to a gas company relationships crumble and a menacing entity is revealed.



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