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‘Little Reaper’ snags distribution deal


One of the shorts we covered some time ago from Peter Dukes and Dreamseekers Productions is the hilarious LITTLE REAPER. The short involves the daughter of the Grim Reaper who has to hold down the fort for daddy and the usual teenage distractions get in the way which is no good for us. Dukes has announced that after sometime and consideration the short is now set for distribution through Shorts TV. Also LITTLE REAPER is set to be a part of a VOD series titled “Tales of Horror”. This is great news as LITTLE REAPER is a fun and engaging short that more people will now have the chance to see. Check out our review of the film here!

LITTLE REAPER, my short comedy/horror film which most of you covered/reviewed back in 2013, has locked up distribution both domestically and internationally.  And right in time as I’ve just started shopping the feature screenplay out to producers.  


After holding off for a few years (for my own reasons) I’ve finally decided to pull the trigger on a distribution offer that came my way.  Shorts TV (http://www.shorts.tv/) has picked up television rights for the film for the next three years, both here in the US as well as in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Shorts TV is an HD channel available through all major cable providers.  The film will start airing in early 2016.  

The film was also just recently picked up by Harvest Moon Motion Pictures & Television, to be included in their VOD series Tales Of Horror.  



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