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Deception of an artificial nature ‘Uncanny’ – DVD review


The mixture of emotional and rationality can be a dangerous slope. If you can recognize the difference between the two early you are always better off. For one female journalist she is drawn into a closed off world filled with robotics and theory in the thriller from Matthew Leutwyler UNCANNY. A unique and slow burning look at the excellence of artificial intelligence is what you will find in this sci fi film. There have always been features that show a lust for man made devices to become human but UNCANNY brings careful misdirection with an ending that will haunt you for some time.

Stills and images from UNCANNY

Stills and images from UNCANNY

In UNCANNY Joy Andrews(Lucy Griffiths) has been assigned with the task of writing a story about the former child prodigy David Kressen (Mark Webber). He works for the mongul Castle (Rainn Wilson) and has created Adam(David Clayton Rogers) who is a near perfect A.I. down to his finest detail. What engages from there is deceit filled triangle where Adam’s “feelings” for Joy become strong and it creates a divide between he and David. This formula is becoming ever popular in the sci fi subgenre. Few characters, small setting and tons of dialogue is what is required to create a strong and pressing story. The interaction between the three is very welcoming and somewhat juvenile as we almost see a playground relationship unfold before our eyes. The dark and curious nature of Adam is what makes the film rewarding as we watch him try understand and deal with these new emotions and desires. The climax of UNCANNY is a rush and is a very rewarding ending that I feel most will enjoy.

Stills and images from UNCANNY

Stills and images from UNCANNY

UNCANNY is should do well among casual watchers with it’s strong plot and likeable characters. While the acting is superb the slow movement of the film due to all the dialogue is its only downfall. Still there is a lot to enjoy with the movie that brings the nostalgic fill of an older sci fi film while capitalizing on the mediums we have today. Definitely worth the watch or rental as you won’t soon forget the interactions of Adam, David and Joy.


3.5 / 5


UNCANNY is directed by Matthew Leutwyler and stars Mark Webber, Lucy Griffiths, David Clayton Rogers and Rainn Wilson. UNCANNY is available on DVD courtesy of RLJ Entertainment.



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  1. I enjoyed it. It felt like I was watching Ex Machina, but I thought the twist in Uncanny was bigger. Still, Ex Machina was awesome in comparison to Uncanny. Great film, though… I enjoyed the Independent film a lot. Were you left lost in the end because I was. If you weren’t, kindly explain to me your thoughts on the ending. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the comment! No Didn’t feel like I was lost at the end just wondered if there could be a possible sequel in store. All that being said I thought the ending was satisfying enough and the Ex Machina comparison is spot on.

  2. Ex Machina’s ending was spot on, yeah, but I felt like they could have given us a little more in Uncanny in the end. Oh well. I too think perhaps a sequel, but I doubt it, considering they didn’t make that much money on the film.

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