Hearing impaired ZombieWalk driver receives time for accident


One of the craziest things that happened over the past few festival seasons is the horrible accident that occurred at 2014’s Comic Con. During the ZombieWalk a car plowed through the crowd hitting attendees seriously injuring a 64 year old woman. The driver Matthew Pocci is a deaf motorist and yesterday the San Diego jury decided that Pocci will spend three years in jail due to reckless driving.

Pocci claims that he was waved through by the crowd and felt “nervous” and threatened by those attending the con. He mentioned two men with masks and costumes jumping in front of his car which prompted him to speed up. Witnesses say Pocci was impatiently driving after a Pedicab pulled in front of him. While pedestrians held up their hands telling him to stop he drove through the crowd breaking the woman’s arm. Pocci also had his girlfriend, her mother and his son in the car with the two adults also being hearing impaired. Pocci eventually stopped and waited for the authorities and at the time he was not charged.

One would have to worry why there were no detours or barriers established for such an event. Since the incident the ZombieWalk has been cancelled and does not look like it’s returning anytime soon. The ZombieWalk has always been a huge fan attraction but clearly more measures need to be taken to ensure nothing like this ever happens again. As horrible as the accident was it could have been worse. Sentencing for Pocci begins on December 11th.



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