Celebrate 30 Years of ‘Day of The Dead’ with Fright Rags


Oh Bub, how you have stolen our zombie loving hearts for 30 years now! One of the greatest zombie films created George Romero’s DAY OF THE DEAD lives on courtesy of Fright Rags. They have released a special edition collection to celebrate it’s anniversary. Five new shirts and seven designs complete the collection and are available right now. Take a glance at what’s in store (pun intended) ahead and Fright Rags has also included a bit of news for those who enjoyed the TRICK ‘R TREAT collection.

Order now:

30 years ago, George A. Romero unleashed the darkest day of horror the world has ever known: Day of the Dead. Fright-Rags is honoring the zombie classic with a collection of exclusive apparel.

The line includes five new shirts. Steve Holliday, Francis Minoza, Chris Lovell, Paul Shipper and Dave Moscati each offer a distinct take on the film’s iconic imagery. Several designs prominently feature fan-favorite zombie Bub, among of other ghouls.

The Day of the Dead collection is available now at All five designs are in stock (in both unisex and girls shirts) and ready to ship, but quantities are limited and may sell out.


Fans who missed out on Fright-Rags’ recent Trick ‘r Treat collection will be pleased to know that reprints are currently available for pre-order.



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