Horror Short Film

Chopped up by a mother’s love ‘Zero’ – horror short review


A mother’s love is undeniable. In Chris and Robert Smellin horror short ZERO a mother must make the ultimate decision. One thing I will say about the zombie culture these days is short films are the way to go. There really isn’t too much that can be done with the subgenre but creating something unique and intimate will always stand out. One must always wonder what’s going on in the house of others during any outbreak and ZERO takes us to the forefront. Beautiful and well executed ZERO is fantastic short that questions the viewer on what they would do if placed in such a dire situation.


In ZERO mother is coming to grips with the fact that her son has contracted a virus and just won’t die. She invites her sisters over in hopes of some type of help to complete a task she feels like she can’t accomplish. ZERO is one of those rewarding shorts that draws you in from the moment it starts. In only a matter of 15 minutes the Smellin duo was able to explain how the boy contracted the disease and dread it has brought upon the household. Really a great job all around as the make up on the boy was next to flawless. ZERO is a short that could inspire more of story similar to what MAGGIE did for the genre. Even still it’s on point as short any fan of horror should see to feel the pain and anguish this mother endures. It makes sense why this has been accepted into many festivals as it truly is a worthwhile short feature.

ZERO is directed by Chris and Robert Smellin. It stars Lisa Treloar, Patrick Moonie, Madeleine Mackenzie, Gabrille Sing and Caleb McClure.


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