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Holiday slasher ‘All through the house’ makes it’s San Francisco premiere this weekend


Winner of best slasher at the RIP Horror Film Festival Todd Nunes ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE makes it’s way to his hometown. The bay area native’s film got a great reception at RIP and he couldn’t be happier to screen it in San Francisco. This holiday slasher is in the vein of films like SILENT NIGHT and will be one to see among all the”Krampus” infused features this holiday season. If you are in the bay area on Sunday November 15th you will get your chance to see this slasher. Read ahead for the official details on the screening!

All Through The House wins big at RIP Horror Film Festival, with Stephen Readmond, Lito Velasco, Todd Nunes, and Ashley Mary Nunes; Photo credit John Cox]

All Through The House wins big at RIP Horror Film Festival, with Stephen Readmond, Lito Velasco, Todd Nunes, and Ashley Mary Nunes; Photo credit John Cox]

Los Angeles filmmaker and San Francisco Bay Area native Todd Nunes will be premiering his award-winning holiday horror film ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE at the Another Hole in the Head Festival. The horror film is a production of Los Angeles-based The Readmond Company and screens on Sunday, November 15 at 5:00pm at the New People Cinema, 1746 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94115. Tickets are $12 and the screening is expected to sell out.


“As a Bay Area native, I’m excited to screen ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE in San Francisco,” says Todd Nunes, writer and director of ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE. “I grew up in Vallejo and Benicia and always dreamed about screening one of my horror films to a local, Bay Area crowd; I’m thrilled to share our fun, scary film with an SF audience.” Nunes’ sister Ashley Mary Nunes, stars in the 80s-style slasher film featuring a deranged Santa Slayer who rips through the town of Napa, California for some yuletide-terror.


ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE recently won three awards at the RIP Horror Film Festival in Hollywood, CA:

* Official Winner of Best Slasher, Todd Nunes for ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE

* Audience Choice Award ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE



ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE was also nominated for Best Music Score and Best Ensemble.


“ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE is a horrifically titillating Christmas tale with a holiday surprise from Santa,” says, L.J. Rivera, founder and director of the RIP Horror International Film Festival. “We at RIP Horror were ecstatic to give these awards to ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE and present their world premier at our festival.”


ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE stars scream queens Ashley Mary Nunes (SYFY’S ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE), Jessica Cameron (TRUTH OR DARE), and Jennifer Wenger (TALES OF HALLOWEEN, JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE). The film’s gory special effects were created by Tommy Pietch of SYFY’S FACE OFF and STAR TREK: RENEGADES.


Fifteen years ago, a peaceful Christmas neighborhood was engulfed by fear when five-year-old Jamie Garrett was mysteriously taken from her bedroom, never to be seen again. Now on Christmas break, Rachel Kimmel comes home from college to find her neighborhood struck again by a reign of terror. A violent killer is hiding behind a grisly Santa mask, leaving a bloody trail of slaughtered women and castrated men to the steps of the Garrett house. Rachel finds herself in a horrifying nightmare as she discovers the twisted secret behind the mask.

“This slasher has been brewing in my mind since I was a kid,” says Director/Writer Todd Nunes. “It’s not a rehash of popular Christmas horror movie subplots, like punishing the naughty, Santa obsessed psychos, or death by antlers. This is a dark, scary, violent story that delivers on a big bloody body count, beautiful girls, and lots of terrifying action. It’s everything I love to see in a horror movie – every murder is shown on screen and the anti-hero is a killer with a diabolical, sadistic mystery.”


“Although I loved my character because she is strong and complex, I’m really drawn to the twisted and crazy characters she meets in this movie,” says actress Ashley Mary Nunes (as Rachel Kimmell). “The Killer in ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE is disturbing, gross and really unique – I’m fascinated by the depraved impulses. I know that everyone is going to love all the gore and violence, but there is also a twisted mystery that ties it all together like a big Christmas bow.”

ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE is a 95-minute film shot in 21 days in the summer of 2014 in Benicia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Lake Arrowhead, CA. Director/Writer Todd Nunes graduated with honors from The Los Angeles Film School and studied screenwriting at UCLA’s Writers’ Program. This is the first film by Los Angeles-based The Readmond Company.


FULL CAST: Ashley Mary Nunes (ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE), Jessica Cameron (TRUTH OR DARE), Melynda Kiring (THE FOG LADY), Jennifer Wenger (JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE), Natalie Montera, Lito Velasco, Jason Rayer, Johanna Rae (NATURAL BORN FILMMAKERS), Cathy Garrett, Matt Poeschl (ENTOURAGE), Danica Riner, Kelsey Carlstedt, Lyndon Laveaux, Justice Lee, Sarah Miller, Milijana Riner, Noah Boylen, John Nunes, and Sky Boylen.


FULL CREW: Stephen Readmond (Producer), Christopher Stanley (Producer), Todd Nunes (Director/Writer), Ryan J. Anderson (Cinematography), Glenda Suggs (Assistant Director), Tommy Pietch (Key Special Effects), Josh McCarron (Special Effect David Passey (Gaffer), Adrian Rivero (Sound), Alexis Evelyn (Editor), Melissa Black (Production Design), Crista Llewellyn (Makeup Artist), Nigelle Paden (Makeup Artist), Patricia McPhaul (Script Supervisor), Sharon Nunes (Set Decorator), Grip (Tamra Garrett), Jennifer Nunes (Grip), Shane Nunes (Production Assistant).



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