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Action thriller ‘Close Range’ heads to VOD early next month


Scott Adkins stars in the high powered, high octane f**k sh** up looking action flick CLOSE RANGE. Ala Punisher in a way the film follows a man trying to save his family from a cartel and a corrupt sheriff. Believe us when we say Frank Castle would approve of the explosive trailer we have for you to see ahead. The Isaac Florentine feature hits VOD and iTunes on December 4th before making its DVD run later in the month. Glance ahead at the details on CLOSE RANGE and the trailer and look for more on this film as we get closer to it’s release.

After rescuing his kidnapped niece from a powerful drug cartel, Colton MacReady (Scott Adkins) begins a relentless fight to save his family. The cartel has descended upon his secluded ranch with a thirst for revenge. In tow are a corrupt local sheriff and his crew of deputies, ensuring that help won’t be coming any time soon. What ensues is a non-stop assault on the ranch, a blow-by-blow survival marathon for Colton to protect his loved ones and save his life.

ITUNES and VOD RELEASE DATE December 4, 2015


CLOSE RANGE is directed by Isaac Florentine and stars Scott Adkins. It is being distributed courtesy of XLrator Media.



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