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Krampus is the latest in a long line of iconic villains and ‘A Christmas Horror Story’ has the best one


(L-R): Rob Archer as Krampus and George Buza as Santa in the horror film “A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY” an RLJ Entertainment release. Photo credit: RLJ Entertainment.

(L-R): Rob Archer as Krampus and George Buza as Santa in the horror film “A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY” an RLJ Entertainment release. Photo credit: RLJ Entertainment.

Next week on DVD viewers across the states will get their first glance at the anti holiday horror romp A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY. This very entertaining film features some great moments but none are more impactful than the role of Krampus played by Rob Archer. He puts on one hell of a performance in the feature and has the stature that won him best villain awards at some recent festivals. Check out why most critics are considering him the one of the top new horror villains and look for A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY on DVD November 24th.


You will soon be able to put Krampus right under your Christmas tree. As ‘A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY’ is coming to home video (bluray/dvd) on November 24th (US and Canada). It is currently available in limited release/VOD/iTunes.

Krampus (Rob Archer) from A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY was voted Best Villain at the 2015 Toronto After Dark Film Festival, along with earning the award for Best Monster/Creature and sharing in the award for Best Fight (opposite Santa). How did he earn these accolades?

He’s not CGI, he does not have helpers, and he’s not family-friendly.


At 6’6”, and 285 lbs. of solid, etched muscle, Archer moves like a comic book superhero come to life.

Archer has just completed work on 22 Chaser, playing opposite Brian J. Smith (Sense8) and Raoul Trujillo (Sicario) and Operation Insanity where he takes on, literally, James Caan. Before that, he most recently appeared as the lead Navy Seal in Adam Sandlers, Pixels, trading lines with Josh Gad. Before that, he has played the recurring role of Bio-Man on “Defiance” [Seasons 1,2,3], the recurring role of Bruce on “Lost Girl” [Seasons 3, 4, 5] and the “Lost Girl” webisodes, four different characters on “Warehouse 13,” guest-starred as The Brain on “XIII: The Series,” Vernon Hicks in The Samaritan, and Buzz on Bulletproof Monk. Archer’s credits also include “Beauty and the Beast,” Kickass2, “Flashpoint,” “Alphas,” and Repo Men.

Archer’s career began as a stuntman/actor on “Mutant X” when he played the villain in the Season 2 finale. He was brought back to the series again in their third season and also appeared in Robocop. A consistent pattern emerged where producers took note of his acting and expanded his roles to keep him on screen longer.

Beyond film and television, the videogame world discovered his potential. Archer’s work for a major label video game will be announced in the near future. This is a natural evolution from his character ‘The Conduit’ in the GlassMonkey Studios comic book of the same name. The character of ‘Conduit’, harnesses energy as his power to combat evil, is drawn by the legendary artist Tony Gray, was modeled after Archer.

As a spokesperson, Archer is not only the international ambassador for Mr Hyde for Pro Supps, from Professional Supplements, the world wide top tier sports nutrition company based out of the USA, he is also the face of the franchise.



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