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Darkness brings unspeakable terror ‘Abandoned Dead’ – movie review

Mark W. Curran’s terrorizing supernatural thriller ABANDONED DEAD is a dread filled story that hits you with an unsuspecting ending. Filled with unrelentless darkness the film features a strong performance by it’s lead character to help weave together something that many people have a hard time dealing with. Add to that a traumatic episode in her early life and ABANDONED DEAD becomes a depth filled journey in one horrific night fueled by a psychological undertone. For those who are afraid of the dark beware as once you go into the realm of ABANDONED DEAD there is no turning back.


ABANDONED DEAD stars Sarah Nicklin as Rachel a security guard with a huge distaste for the dark. That already sets up a compelling issue in the film as why would someone hold that kind of position when clearly they are more timid than most. She is asked to fill in a shift at a nearby clinic that unfortunately for her is on the bad side of town. Though she will come to find out that the dangers of this clinic are not what hangs outside but what could reside within. Sarah is fantastic in her role as the awkward yet resourceful Rachel. Anytime one person must carry the majority of the film there leads to moments where performances can be lost. Luckily for the viewer Sarah holds down a strong portrayal and doesn’t allow the slow paced story line to surface too often. She is what makes ABANDONED DEAD so how you feel about her performance will ultimately lead to your overall reaction to the film. There is also a detective trying to piece together some unsolved events that will run a collision course with what Rachel is going through on this fateful night. There is careful misdirection in ABANDONED DEAD as there is more to the story that what you are given at the start. This adds a confusing layer to the feature but once it ends there is a feeling of satisfaction based on the logic presented in front of you. There is a THE OTHERS meets FIGHT CLUB feel to ABANDONED DEAD which for smart viewers will be more than welcoming.


ABANDONED DEAD starts off as your traditional NIGHTWATCH feeling supernatural film. There are very familiar elements that fans will get a kick out of but as mentioned before Nicklin will make or break the film for you. The atmosphere is creepy and even though there aren’t much the effects work in the scope of what you see and feel with the production.  ABANDONED DEAD is a solid mix of a psychological, supernatural and a survival driven tale. Nicklin is a bonafide leading lady that I can’t wait to see in another dominant role. Fans will be so so on ABANDONED DEAD but if you pay attention to the smart and deeper story that lies beneath just the action on the screen it will be well worth your time.




ABANDONED DEAD is directed by Mark W. Curran and stars Sarah Nicklin, Judith O’Dea and Robert E. Wilhelm. It is now available on Amazon Prime and other VOD outlets.



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