British Horror

British crime thriller ‘North V South’ heads to UK DVD next month


There are usually unspoken treaties that exist between crime families or leaders of certain territories. Sometimes there is no way to break these bonds but if one thing can do it, it would be love. Still when a line is crossed and there is no going back it usually means the end of whatever agreement was made and all hell will break loose. That is what’s in store for the Steven Nesbit feature NORTH V SOUTH. It heads to DVD & Blu ray on December 21st courtesy of Metrodome. Glance ahead for all the details on the UK home entertainment release.

For decades the criminal underworlds of the North and South UK bumped along begrudgingly. Like the Cold War, territories were respected out of the necessity to avoid apocalypse, with each side covertly keeping tabs on the other’s capability. Such a precarious false harmony could not last forever…Now someone has crossed the line, and there’s no going back. An illicit love affair smoulders, breaking taboo and threatening catastrophe at the smallest mistake. It is a romance of purest, unadulterated love, yet so forbidden that its discovery would wreak unbridled carnage.


NORTH V SOUTH is directed by STEVEN NESBIT and stars FREEMA AGYEMAN (Doctor Who), KEITH ALLEN (Trainspotting), GEOFF BELL (The Business), BERNARD HILL (Wolf Hall), CHARLOTTE HOPE (The Theory of Everything) & STEVEN BERKOFF (A Clockwork Orange). It is being released courtesy of Metrodome Distribution.


Release date 21st December

Certificate 18 & Running time 92 Minutes

DVD RRP / £14.99

BLU-RAY RRP / £19.99



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