Film Festival

The Druid Underground Film Fest takes over Boston

The mobile film festival DUFF aka Druid Underground Film Fest is all set to make their final stop of the season. They head to Beantown this December and are bringing with them a slew of insane shorts sure to drive you insane. 11 states and 15 screenings have landed them in the Northeast and this night will be no different than the others. There will be a raffle and of course a sick lineup. Read ahead for the details on the festival and check out their intermission video!


Coolidge Corner Theatre

290 Harvard St

Brookline MA 02446


December 5th



FREE “Mystery Prizes” Raffle!

See aliens rip their own faces off, learn how to detect if your child worships Satan, perform a home exorcism and much, much more!

After a 15 screenings across 11 states, the 8th annual Druid Underground Film Festival plunges into Massachusetts to close the season! A high-powered two-part blast of subversive cinema, DUFF kicks off with a hilarious FOUND FOOTAGE ASSAULT, dynamically mixing the trashiest cuts from amateur monster movies, insane Christian scare films and shocking instruction videos lovingly sourced from the decrepit VHS vaults of DUFF curator Billy Burgess.

THEN join us for an hour of rowdy short films celebrating the best in absurd, creative and ecstatic cinema both on and off today’s underground film radar. Featuring over a dozen filmmakers including:


Matthew Silver’s Heartpocalypse

vitamin wig c

Vitamin Wig C’s Laurel and Hardy’s Sagamore Hut



Teemong’s Psychle

possibly in mich

Cecelia Condit’s Possibly in Michigan


Garrett Davis and Kirsten Lepore’s Story from North America


2015 LINEUP:

Kids & Explosions “Swear Words”

Teemong “Psychle”

Salvatore Alexander “Devil Diva”

Adriel Garcia “Turbo Tom”

Dylan Hausthor “You Don’t Go Fucking Killing People”

Jennifer Lyter “Botox”

Camila Romero “Lenny’s First Time in the Sex Shop”

Vitamin Wig C & Odpoledne TV “Laurel & Hardy’s Sagamore Hut”

INTERMISSION by Billy Burgess + Max Winston

Ancient Reality “Major League Can Can”

Adriel Garcia “Turbo Tom 2: Electric Boogaloo”

Matthew Silver “Heartpocalypse”

Ryan Betschart “Pudding”

Cecelia Condit “Possibly in Michigan”

Garret Davis and Kirsten Lepore “Story From North America”


Special bonus video Premiere by Boston VHS mixtape collective

whore church

The Whore Church

Showcasing the wildest in underground film making from around the world since 2006, The Druid Underground Film Festival is the only nationally touring underground film festival in North America. From gallery screenings in LA to the art house theaters of Manhattan, DUFF continues to blow audiences’ minds from coast to coast!


After a night of bizarre films and free raffle prizes, find out why Flavorpill says DUFF doesn’t so much “defy convention as mow it down, douse it in kerosene, and flick a Zippo at it!”


Festival shirts/pins/DVDs available at the merch table!






Facebook Event:





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