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BITS 2015: ‘Save Yourself’ – movie review


I really dislike writing negative reviews. As a reviewer I enjoy recommending awesome films to other horror nuts rather than pulling a film down but Oh Jesus this is not gonna be a good review – Save Yourself was a hard slog and ironically the title says everything you need to know about this film. The film begins with a group of female horror filmmakers at a screening of their film (which features some of the worst make-believe film antics I have seen). The moody director goes out to have a cigarette (which seems to be a never-ending cigarette) only to be talked into coming back into the cinema by the producer. I guess this is creating some kind of character development for the two women? While this tete-a-tete is happening, the ‘slutty’ one is having her privates eaten out only to, in the next scene, be getting rammed by different person. This explanation of plot I feel is necessary to point out the randomness and somewhat laziness of the production. Anyway, the group of ladies leave the cinema to stop off on a deserted road. One of them goes missing, the others try to find her but stumble across an old mansion run by the most blatantly obvious ‘evil’ family I have ever seen. The rest does not get much better……

To critique this film is too bloody easy. I understand that making a film is hard work which baffles me as to why the narrative doesn’t make more sense. Scenes are jammed together which gives off the impression that the director thought: ‘This’ll do’ and assumed the audience would understand the narrative, even though large chunks were missing. Yet even this I can excuse however when it comes to the acting and characters of the film I can’t as they are so FUCKING lazy.


Bad acting can be great. We all know that. However these actors couldn’t give two shits about their roles in the film. The villains are lazy stereotypes, who fill their roles to the bare minimum and I guess the women scream’n’shout okay showing some sort of pain and anguish about their situation. Save Yourself riffs with the idea of having a mad scientist as the villain. The most recent effort which jumps up for me is the Human Centipede which at least has its tongue firmly in its cheek. Save Yourself takes itself far too seriously, (*minor spoiler*) for example the objective of the Nazi-German-mad scientist is to suck the youth out of the women to make his family young. I mean COME ON. If you can’t camp that shit up what can you?

Well to end this review on a positive I would suggest to go watch Frontiers instead (a French masterpiece which Save Yourself has similar themes and plot too).

Like the title suggests……. SAVE YOURSELF.


SAVE YOURSELF is directed by Ryan M. Andrews and stars Jessica Cameron, Tristan Risk, Tianna Nori, Ry Barrett, Bobbie Phillips, Sydney Kondruss, Caleigh LeGrand, Elma Begovic and Lara Mrkoci.


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