Independent Horror

Short Film Spotlight ‘The Ghosts of Eden Hall’


Once again we at HMU are blessed to bring the latest Fulci inspired short from Filmiracle Productions. This time filmmaker Luciano Imperoli and the rest bring the chilling short THE GHOSTS OF EDEN HALL. The short shows a man uncovering a hidden artifact in the grounds of the the Hall that may just lead him to his doom. This is another one of the great Italian styled horror shorts from Filmiracle and as always we have it for you to see with a brief word from HMU’s Travis Brown ahead.

THE GHOSTS OF EDEN HALL is a short horror film featuring Eric Bower in Filmiracle’s usual Italian horror tradition. The short also documents some (but not all) of the remaining relics of the Convent of the Sacred Heart and Eden Hall in Torresdale, Philadelphia, PA (1847 – 1969.) Call it a horror historical documentary!


A beautiful sound track once again heights the aura around another Filmiracle Production. This crew does such a fantastic job of snatching you to another world and keeping you mesmerized with their haunting gestures. HMU will never have an issue spotlighting one of their shorts as it continues to show the essence of what we are about here on the site. Simplicity and sheer evil.

-Travis Brown

Editor Horror Movies Uncut.  


Status: Post-Production
Starring: Eric Bower
Soundtrack by: Piero Giombini
Director of Photography: Franco Massaccesi
Edited by: Eugenio Landi
Produced by: Chris Milewski
Directed by: Luciano Imperoli



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