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BITS 2015: ‘Night Cries’ – movie review



People say love is one of the strongest emotions that a person can feel. It can turn into something that is everlasting, fulfilling in mind and body but it can also turn tragic and can cause emence heartbreak. Night Cries is a film by Andrew Cymek, that focuses on what one man would do for the the love of his life may it be in death or life.

Sarah(Brigitte Kingsley) is running for her life, in a world that was once humane, but has turned into an apocalyptic nightmare that is consumed by demons and other night creatures. She finds her way onto an abandon bus, where she hides in fear trying to keep herself from heavy breathing so she won’t be found. Unfortunately the demon is too smart and starts to attack, ripping apart the bus. When Sarah thinks this could be the end, a dark stranger appears,in a long coat and cowboy hat to comes to save the day. Joseph(played by director Andrew Cymek),is the lonely traveler who is more then just a hero, he has a purpose of finding the women he loves.

Sarah, has no memory of who she is and how she found herself in this world. As her and Joseph travel together, Sarah starts to have flashes of images, memories of her life and a love one she had. Slowly Joseph starts to seem familiar to her. Though the mystery isn’t what Sarah doesn’t remember, but who Joseph really is and the lengths he has taken to get to this hellish land to find Sarah and where he actually comes from. The two of them have more of a connection then what only Sarah doesn’t know. Once the twist and mystery is revealed on Joseph and his existence the lose plot of the film starts to come together and you get more of a focused understanding of what is happening.

The connection that Brigitte and Andrew have during the whole film with the characters of Sarah and Joseph, keeps the story moving. There are some very slow moving parts and the flashbacks were a little drawn out. Cymek does a great job at moving back and forth through multiple worlds and realities. He does make sure the story line is clear since there was a multitude of combinations of genres.


NIGHT CRIES is directed by Andrew Cymek and stars Brigitte Kingsley.


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