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Sometimes your final job comes with severe consequences ‘The Last House’ – DVD review


BOH 8-7-2009 (441)

Sean Cain has done what few indie filmmakers try to attempt. Which is to make a very entertaining thriller that combines a nice amount of genres with solid execution. His film THE LAST HOUSE is a psychotic ride that deals with everything from prostitution to a love connection created by some less very evil individuals. What will stand out for the viewer from the onset is the remarkable performance by Ezra Buzzington. He truly sets the tone and helps make THE LAST HOUSE an enjoyable watch. Every once in awhile you run into a film that surprises expectations and this feature is in that category. A great blend of sadistic behavior and better than presumed antics gives THE LAST HOUSE the type of experience any horror fan can enjoy.

THE LAST HOUSE starts off with some careful misdirection. The viewer will get lost as you are propelled into a world of flashbacks and story direction. After the first half hour you get the jist of what Cain is doing and things start to come together smoothly. The story follows a Love (Lauren Walsh) a prostitute looking to create a new future with her boyfriend (Jason Mewes). Before she is able to get away from her current job status she must do one more trick. This job is unlike any other as her and two new girls must deal with three mental individuals who have no plan on letting these women leave. As mentioned before Ezra in the role of Hate is the standout of the film. His performance is what brings THE LAST HOUSE up to another level. I’m curious to go back and track the festival run for this film as clearly he had to pick up some awards along the way. This feature could have been your basic survival thriller but so much more is presented. I was really baffled when the supernatural element was introduced to the film. It throw me for a curve but made sense as the film reached it’s climax. Mewes possibly plays one the the least over the top role i’ve seen him in and it was nice to see porn starlet Joanna Angel make an appearance.


THE LAST HOUSE is not for everyone since there is a rape revenge aspect to the film. What will draw the viewer in is the crafty story mixed with the solid performances. I would urge horror viewers to give this film a view as it may surprise you as well. Let’s be honest prostitutes, violence and misdirection always makes for a good horror film. THE LAST HOUSE is a solid effort and worth the watch.



THE LAST HOUSE is directed by Sean Cain and stars Ezra Buzzington, Jason Mewes, Lauren Walsh, Jack Forcinito, Monique Parent, Timothy Muskatell, Ricardo Gray, Felissa Rose, Alexis Zibolis, Ted Prior and Trista Robinson. It is now available on DVD courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing.



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