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Ho ho horror ‘Krampus’ – movie review



All I can say is thank god modern horror has Michael Dougherty.

Dougherty is well known for writing X-Men 2 and Superman Returns. However for the well researched horror buff he created the classic Trick R Treat which I think is one of the best Halloween films out there. This time Dougherty has taken on the Christmas holiday with horrifying glee in Krampus…

Krampus begins with a family visited by their cousins over the holiday period. Included in this family are the legends Toni Collette and Adam Scott, two stellar actors who give the film the authentic foundation of a real family. Also cast in the film are the hilarious David Koechner and Conchata Ferrell who kill with their punchlines. Collette and Scott’s son sees all the dysfunction in the family and wishes it all to go away. Chaos ensues as a snow storm covers the family’s house as Krampus (the evil Christmas spirit) hears the boy’s wish and comes to visit…

What I love about Krampus is how it is a big budget horror film and has so much creativity and humour to bring to the genre. It doesn’t lie on its laurels churning out something we have seen again and again. Krampus is set out to turn the Christmas holiday on its head and does just that (just don’t judge the film on it’s sub-par trailer). The film doesn’t hold back, no one is safe not even the children. This is a common thread with Trick R Treat where all characters were on the chopping block. That takes guts and I like that.


The script is funny as hell, but you need to see Krampus at the cinema to get the full experience of both the story and visuals. The sound editing itself is damn frightening as Krampus jumps from roof to roof and the first half of the film is set up, with crazy noises and giggling happening off screen. Dougherty teases the audience with Krampus’s monsters but boy 0nce they come on screen we are not disappointed. Krampus has some of the most creative/crazy/scary creatures I’ve seen in a while. Thank Jesus they are not CGI but animatronic/puppets. It makes a world of difference and brings the laughs and terror.


Krampus is a horror film for everyone, it’s silly and fun yet disgusting and scary at the same time. The best kind of horror film! You gotta see it at the cinema, so round up your friends and let Krampus and his helpers make you fear Christmas for all the right reasons.


KRAMPUS is directed by Michael Dougherty and stars  Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner, Allison Tolman, Conchata Ferrell, Emjay Anthony, Stefania Lavie Owen with Krista Stadler



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