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Hit zombie sequel ‘The Dead 2: India’ heads to Aussie DVD in February


THE DEAD 2 INDIA stills courtesy of Bounty Films

February is going to be a sweet month for horror fans in the land down under. After being released here in the states and abroad the Ford Brothers epic sequel THE DEAD 2: INDIA is coming their way. THE DEAD 2: INDIA is the follow up to the Ford Brother’s classic THE DEAD. Fans really appreciate the style of the features and sequel is right on par with the first. The DVD heads to Australia on February 17th courtesy of Bounty Films. Read ahead for the details on the release and read Adrian’s review of the film here.

Bounty Films is proud to announce the DVD release of The Dead 2: Indian, the sequel of the worldwide, cult smash-hit: The Dead, on the 17thof February 2016.The eagerly anticipated follow-up to the Ford Brothers’ African set ‘The Dead’, ‘The Dead, India’ move us to the hustle and bustle of India as the outbreak of the walking dead take hold. An American engineer teams up with a surviving orphan street kid to trek 300 miles across stunning but deadly rural Indian landscapes to the now infested slums of Mumbai to try and save his pregnant girlfriend. The first ever international zombie movie shot in Incredible India, ‘The Dead 2, puts the Ford Brother’s unique vision on a far bigger canvas, with breathtaking scope, thrilling action and emotional resonance…

THE DEAD 2: INDIA is directed by Howard J. Ford and Jonathan Ford.



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