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Horror Tease: Shark flick ‘Grey Fear’



Films like JAWS created a new level of fear in the ocean. Features like BAIT showed what would happen if that terror ever reached the mainland. Mystery Roads Pictures invites you back into the deep with the pre production for their latest film GREY FEAR. Jonathan Dixson looks to create the most realistic looking underwater thriller ever. A kickstarter has been launched for the film and all the details are listed ahead. Look for more updates in the new future.

It’s been 40 years since JAWS & NOW it’s time to take the terror of sharks to the next level.

A movie that reinvents the genre where there’s suspense and hardcore horror with blood soaked chills. There are an estimated 20 million surfers worldwide and surfers account for more than 51% of all shark attacks.

Mystery Road Pictures is now in pre production on it’s next feature movie “GREY FEAR”

After the international success of “WRATH” starring Stef Dawson from “The Hunger Games”, we are entering pre-production on the high concept Shark Thriller/ Horror Feature: “GREY FEAR”. This movie combines the elements of JAWS, THE BEACH & BLUE CRUSH.

After being trapped in pre-production hell Australian Writer/Director Jonathan N Dixon has taken back control of this project and is taking it to the fans.

We are now crowd-funding “GREY FEAR” through “Kickstarter” to regain artistic and talent control. This process will provide the horror genre fans with what they really want to watch. Launching the KickStarter campaign will take place on the 10th February 2016 at 10am EST.

This film won’t be for the faint-hearted. GREY FEAR will be the most graphic and realistic shark movie to be ever made – A shark movie that continues to reverberate in your head every time you go in the water.

For more info on the film please visit  www.greyfearmovie.com

The production be shooting on location in Sumba Indonesia/Fiji in 2016

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