Horror Movie Trailer

Horror Tease: Survival thriller ‘You Found Me’




Abuse is always a touchy subject. In the horror world it’s a tad bit more acceptable because it usually leads to some insane revenge confrontation. For some though there are no fun and games. In the indie flick from Lawrence W. Nelson II YOU FOUND ME a woman tries to escape her past only to invite the terror to her and her friends. There is a trailer that we have for you ahead to see including the poster for the film. Look for release details soon on their FB page and enjoy the trailer featuring adult starlet Taya Parker.

No One Left Behind Productions and Wicked Monkey Productions is excited to release the first teaser trailer for for the horror thriller YOU FOUND ME,  starring Penthouse Playmate Taya Parker, Rudy Reyes, Diana Prince,  horror scream queens Elissa Dowling and Sarah French,  Deborah Funes, along with Tracy Ashbourne, Christina Shimmel, Liane Langford, Robert Rhines, Larry Butler, Ryan Izay, Charlet Brannan and making their feature film debuts Alex Devivo and Jacob Saunders.

Directed by Lawrence W. Nelson II who also co-wrote the script with acclaimed author John Saunders (The Last Spartan series) “We’re both excited to let the world see this film, we wanted to shoot something that had strong female characters in it.”  Shot by female Director of Photography Lauren Peele.  

Stacy Phelps (Taya Parker) doesn’t want to be any where near her abusive ex-husband the weekend that he’s getting out of prison.  With her best friends by her side, they decide to go away to her parents beach house.  Soon, they will be in a fight to survive the night.  


Twitter: @YouFoundMeMovie

Facebook: www.facebook.com/YouFoundMeTheMovie



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