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Be afraid, be very afraid “…In the Dark” – movie review




Here is one thing i’ll say about possession films. Man filmmakers really like to chime them out don’t they? Just when you think there is a chance the genre may change for the better demonic after demonic flick happily fills your que. So if it’s inevitable that we will never escape the exorcisms or weird latin dialogue let’s just hope the rest of the efforts can measure up with David Spaltro …IN THE DARK. A well crafted vision of fear and curiosity …IN THE DARK proves their is still worth in the possession film sub genre. The film provides a slew of great performances lead by the remarkable work of Grace Folsom as Bethany. …IN THE DARK was surprisingly entertaining throughout the feature and turned into one of the more solid efforts of 2015.



The movie follows a grad student (Lynn Justinger) who follows a paranormal investigator(Fiona Horrigan) to house that contains an ancient evil. In this house they meet Bethany who has returned home but as her mother puts it” that’s not my child!” …IN THE DARK follows the usual formula of a typical possession film but the execution of the cast is what works. There is a nice feel and mix of THE EXORCIST and THE LAST EXORCISM as we see the demon consume and corrupt it’s young victim. Usually these films are lost once the full representation of the demon has arrived but the writing and performance by Folsom turns this portion into one of the highlights of the film. There are a few jumps to expect in this feature but …IN THE DARK rewards the viewer with it’s uncomfortable basement setting. There is an air of creepiness from beginning to end which would normally be the case in a slow burner but the pace of …IN THE DARK was great. The viewer will be completely consumed watching this young deal with the evil plaguing her body.


…IN THE DARK should do great once it hits theaters and on demand as the familiar concept will draw fans in. Once they effective the thriller is put together they won’t be able to stop watching. A film that would undoubtedly be in our “better” category in the top films of 2015, …IN THE DARK is one to watch. Make sure you look for it at an upcoming festival and look for more release news soon!


3.5/ 5


..IN THE DARK is directed by David Spaltro and stars Grace Folsom, Lynn Justinger, Fiona Horrigan, Catherine Cobb Ryan, Jesse R. Tendler and Kayla Leasure.



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