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New Images from ‘Anger of The Dead’



Stills from ANGER OF THE DEAD courtesy of Uncork'd Entertainment.

Stills from ANGER OF THE DEAD courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment.

Next week Uncork’d drops the zombie flick from Francesco Picone  ANGER OF THE DEAD into theaters. The distribution company has unleashed a slew of virus induced stills from the Uwe Boll produced romp which are provided below. The survival horror styled tale follows a pregnant woman and two men fighting off hordes of the undead. Look for it to hit the screens on January 8th and a review from us in the near future!

Ahead of the January 8 release of ANGER OF THE DEAD, in Cinemas and On Demand, Uncork’d Entertainment have released a mass of frightening new stills from the film.

Writer-director Francesco Picone and producer Uwe Boll (House of the Dead) present Anger of the Dead, released this January from Uncork’d Entertainment. The highly-anticipated post-apocalyptic horror film releases in theaters in NY and LA as well as Digital.

In a world ravaged by a virus that turns people into cannibals, a pregnant woman (Alice) manages to survive. Alice, in the company of two other men, strives to reach an island untouched by the plague. Meanwhile, a dangerous individual is on the trail of a mysterious girl, which causes Alice to realize that the Zombies are not her biggest and only threat.

Aaron Stielstra, Marius Bizau, Désirée Giorgetti, Michael Segal, Roberta Sparta, David White, Claudio Camilli, and Chiara Paoli star in the feature adaptation of Picone’s short film of the same name.

Anger of the Dead in theatres January 8, 2016.


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