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Beautiful landscapes can’t cover up a meek effort ‘Diablo’ – movie review


Let me first say the cinematography for Scott Eastwood’s first foray into the Western genre is breathtaking. The scenery in Diablo is momentous. But everything else that fills the film is really one giant mess. 

Set after the civil war a cowboy/husband has his wife taken by Spanish/Mexican’s(??) and he goes on a quest to save her through the landscape of outback America.

I read that Scott Eastwood (son of the legend Clint) was offered many scripts of Western’s but he chose to take part in Diablo because it spoke to him. I can understand that on page the narrative and plot twists do seem intriguing and give him, as an actor, a wide range of emotions and intentions to play. However we all know the distance between script to screen is a big one and Diablo’s end result is a poor messy film.

The narrative really lets the film down. On his mission Eastwood’s character meets a killer on the road, Indian’s who drug him with Ayahuasca and old war comrades. Eastwood is a man with a troubled past but the delivery of his journey is so on the nose and strangely edited it doesn’t work. The plot threads often don’t come into full fruition and by the time the climax hits it feels a bit like you’ve been transported to another film.

Danny Glover makes an appearance which is always a welcome surprise, that man can do no wrong in my eyes. He however is under used and his character’s purpose in the film is random at best.

Scott Eastwood is good in his role even though a bit wooden at times (this could be an acting choice). I feel Scott Eastwood needs a better star vehicle in the future. Diablo isn’t the kind of film it wants to be. It has all the parts but doesn’t know how to fit them all together.



DIABLO is directed by Lawrence Roeck and stars Scott Eastwood, Walton Goggins, Camilla Belle and Danny Glover. It’s available on demand in limited theaters courtesy of Momentum Pictures. 


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