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What to do when your bro is a werewolf ‘Uncaged’ – DVD review




In the world of cinema there are all types of buddy movies. Be they dark or humorous the common trend involves one friend looking after another in some dire or hilarious situation. In  Daniel Robbins UNCAGED we find three bros looking to spend a righteous weekend at a remote cabin where booze, women and fun are all on the menu. Unfortunately for them one of the friends has a dark and mysterious family secret that could spell doom for anyone he encounters. Terrific comedic presentation mixed with a John Landis style execution of the monster made UNCAGED an unexpected treat.


The sad thing is with the innovation of films and the pulse of horror being at it’s strongest, you can still only name a few good werewolf flicks with one hand. This is one of the things that devastates me about the genre as I will always have a special place in my heart for the often misrepresented creature. While Robbins does a fine job of allowing certain lycanthrope lore to flourish as is usually the case some key elements were left out. There is really no reason to dwell on that notion though as UNCAGED has been on of the better releases as a whole in the early part of 2016. The three friends are spectacular and I would have loved to see what this film would have become if they stayed in the original setting and not go to the woods. That being said there are three integral parts of the story line where two completely make sense and the other is straight from left field.


That last statement is truly the only downfall in UNCAGED. Where the tale leads you is quite confusing. You will get why the scenes in front of you are happening but it’s a strong possibly you may not care or lose interest. One of the reason I’m not a fan of overdrawn entries into the story is because it almost makes the film into two different movies. While still entertaining, it may be one of the aspects of UNCAGED that could leave them with a sour taste after viewing. Still overall the film is wildly engaging and the special effects do weird thing where they start off primitive then become stellar. Every time a solid werewolf movie comes out I implore horror fans to watch it. It helps keep that list of good creature feature flicks growing and all of us gorehounds are better off for it!




UNCAGED is directed by Daniel Robbins and stars Ben Getz, Kyle Kirkpatrick, Zachary Weiner,Garrett Hendricks, Paulina Singer and Gene Jones. It is now available on DVD courtesy of RLJ Entertainment.



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