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Slasher wanted? ‘You Are Not Alone’ – DVD review


Wait…this was supposed to be a slasher, right? I didn’t see any slashing (okay, maybe one time, and off camera), but don’t slashers typically involve a high body count and maybe even an inkling of a reason behind the killer’s motives? I want to say I missed something in my viewing of Derek Mungor’s You Are Not Alone, but unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the case.

Shot entirely in first-person perspective, You Are Not Alone follows Natalie (Krista Dzialoszynksi) as she goes back home for 4th of July weekend, where a masked killer is stalking the town.

Unlike 2012’s Maniac remake, which was also shot almost entirely in first-person perspective save for random reflections of the person throughout, You Are Not Alone didn’t let you see the “final girl” at any point during the film. That made it especially hard to feel any kind of connection/sympathy towards her, especially when it finally came down to her interactions with the killer. Speaking of the killer, you don’t see any of his handy work, or him for that matter, until about an hour in (and at that point, you have about 30 min. left), and even then, you’re left with more questions than answers and feeling pretty dissatisfied.

The acting wasn’t exactly award worthy, either. Acting “natural” or “yourself” isn’t always the best route to go.

I felt like a lot of things just didn’t add up or make sense in the story. Killer on the loose, town still celebrates 4th of July (where two kids go missing and you just never see that resolved again in the film). Natalie is being stalked and terrorized by this masked killer, but you never find out why. Is it random? Is he a bitter, shitty ex? I need answers, y’all! As I said earlier, a slasher kind of needs a high body count; You Are Not Alone lacked that trope severely. So severely that you don’t ever see the fate of all the introduced characters that you were sure would experience bloodshed on camera.

I won’t say the film is ENTIRELY a snoozer- it had a pretty good score and the killer was actually kind of creepy. Sadly, though, I feel like too much time was spent on building up a story that ultimately didn’t deliver where it should have.


YOU ARE NOT ALONE is directed by Derek Mungor and stars Krista Dzialosynski, David O’Brien, Mary Mikva, Keenan Camp, Nikki Pierce, Eric Wood, Tony Rossi, Katie Johnston-Smith, & Dan Abbate. It will be available on DVD February 22nd. 


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