Horror Anthology

Short Film Spotlight ‘Witching Season’ horror anthology



Usually when we highlight a fabulous short here at HMU it’s only a film that we believe more eyes should be on. Though every once in awhile we are given a little something extra that truly shows the wonders of indie filmmaking. Just by using a smart and cunning idea mixed with a little bit of inspiration you can create something special. Horror anthologies are nothing new to us gorehounds but the guys over at Binding Light Pictures have developed a fan friendly horror epic titled WITCHING SEASON. Plucked straight from a seventies cineplex these shorts are candid reminders of the launch of indie horror and how it paved the way for the current creators today. They offer the public the two shorts of “Killer on The Loose” and “Princess”. Both engaging shorts are available on their Youtube page and of course we have them to see below. Give them a glance and head over to their social media pages to tell them what you think! More episodes are on the way and our own Travis Brown gives his thoughts on the first two.




The shorts KILLER ON THE LOOSE and PRINCESS reminded me of horror films from my youth. These were the reasons we stayed up at night. KILLER really stood out to me not just in idea but execution. What a twist! I really wanted more to like from PRINCESS but it has an audience that will definitely appreciate the effort. Regardless I cannot wait to see more of these shorts. The classic grindhouse look and feel isn’t going away anytime soon so it’s nice to see filmmakers excel in the format. With over 5,000 views from both shorts so far these guys are getting noticed. Hopefully their next one will produce even more of a response to see where this anthology could end up!

-Travis Brown (Horror Movies Uncut)  





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