Horror Anthology

Whips, slits and human bits ‘Late Night Double Feature’ – movie review



Gone are the days when the late night horror host would peruse the television screens across the witching hour landscape. The glimmer from the TV that frightened kids and adults on Friday and Saturday nights are ideas from yesteryear that should have never disappeared. While there are a still a few indie outlets that provide such a format the days of Elvira, Rhonda and Gilbert Geoffrey are far in the past. Horror  filmmakers Navin Ramaswaran, Zach Ramelan and Torin Langen seem to be historians of the art and do a fantastic job of bringing the late night movie back to life with their flick LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE. This anthology styled creation mixed three well executed short stories with the flair of THE KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE or AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON. The brutality and wit in the two features will surprise you and once all pieced together leave you satisfied with how LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE plays out. It makes sense this film made such a buzz during it’s festival run as it should do well for some time.


The two features in the double bill are truly the standouts and none more than the second offering. Without giving away too much the first short involves a cook who has been hired to prepare a special cuisine for some cannibals while the other is about a cutting fetish. The first film was playful and filled with gore but the second was so much darker and dreadful. It really amped up the tension and atmosphere and helped provide the perfect setting to the conclusion of the surrounding tale. There was a moment when I wondered if the film would take a turn for the worse but LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE was solid from start to finish. Another thing that really sticks out about the production is it as not as low budgeted as one would assume. The limitations of the anthology gave more of a charm to the intention of the project which was to capture the essence of the late night shows. LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE is an early indie standout of 2016.


Some subpar acting by cast members of the surrounding story is the only downfall of LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE. Still this was a very entertaining movie and one I think will do well once released to the masses. It has a release date in Canada of March 26th, but glance at their FB page for more dates in the near future!




LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE is directed by Navin Ramaswaran, Zach Ramelan and Torin Langen. It stars Jamie Elizabeth Sampson, Nick Smyth, Colin Price, Jeff Sinasac, Caleigh LeGrand, Mike Donis, Sandra DaCosta and Brian Carleton. It will be playing at the SF Indiefest on Saturday February 20th at 11:30pm. Alamo Drafthouse theater, San Francisco.



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