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Arthouse styled psycho ‘Windsor Drive’ – movie review



In the fall of 2015 filmmaker Natalie Bible’ released her enigmatic thriller WINDSOR DRIVE to DVD. The innovative yet familiar feature about an actor coping through life with a darkside is a genre inspired piece. The true highlight of the film is the precise and crisp look and feel to WINDSOR DRIVE that reminds us of a certain horror classic it has been compared to. Consider it a west coast version with all the weirdness and intrigue one would come to expect from LA. The characters that will be introduced to you along with the plight of the star River Miller (Tommy O’ Reilly) creates a solid and dreadful landscape that gives tons of hope and potential for this upcoming filmmaker.


Some critics will say this is a AMERICAN PSYCHO meets TWIN PEAKS type of film and I truly get that. There is a lot to take in and really the slow burning execution gives it a chance for the ideas to develop. Unfortunately it’s a film that could go over the heads of the masses as the flash sequences may be a bit too much. Not that I minded at all but for the casual viewer they may be too distracted trying to piece the film together instead of letting things evolve. The cast was fantastic and O’Reilly is a true stud in the genre. The film almost gave me a BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER edge due to the roles of Wulfric and Anna who gave us a “Spike and “Drusilla” feel with their strange but alluring behavior. If you allow the movie to breath there are tons of things to enjoy with WINDSOR DRIVE.


With all that being said anytime a filmmaker is a little provocative with its presentation it just isn’t for some. The anguish and brutality that is shown throughout the feature works well for a definitive audience. Similar to Adam Green’s thriller SPIRAL its just a film you have to watch to create your own impression. It’s worth the glance for sure and I can’t wait to see whats next on the radar for Natalie.

2.5 / 5

WINDSOR DRIVE is directed by  Natalie Bible’ and stars Tommy O’Reilly, Samaire Armstrong, Jillian Murray, Mandy Musgrave, Matt Cohen, Anna Biani, Kyan DuBois and Brieanna Steele. It is available on DVD and Amazon on  Demand.




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