Horror Convention

Colorado Monster Madness teams up to create unique horror gaming experience


Give tons of credit to the guys at the upcoming COLORADO MONSTER MADNESS who are two years away from their convention but creating some awesome news. They have teamed up with the guys at Bash Brothers Gaming Cave and Worped Studios to create a very special horror experience. A horror gaming journey like no other where you the fans will be placed in your own living survival area. If you are the top dog there is an awesome prize waiting for you at the end but don’t think for a moment this is going to be an easy task. Read ahead for the details and look for more info from the convention in the near future!

Organizers behind the exciting new Horror Con Colorado Monster Madness have announced their teaming up with Littleton, CO Bash Brothers Gaming Cave and Worped Studios to host a one of a kind, horror themed gaming tournament at the July 2018 event.

We are using a horror survival game along the lines of Amnesia and SOMA. The idea is to see just how long you can survive by allowing us to shut you away in a dark room, with only the light from the screen flickering in your eyes. Placing headphones on your head, ensuring every heavy breath by your character is heard, causing your heart to pound. This in your face horror is going to be mind blowing. It is just like being in a horror movie. The reward will be a sculpted character trophy from the game by Worped Studios own Brandon Hovet. His creations are insane and well worth the $20 entry fee. So if you really think you are a gamer, better than the rest…put your money where your mouth is and prove it!


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