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Horror Update ‘Grey Fear’ cast Bianca Bradley


Bianca Bradley in GREY FEAR

Women in horror month continues and one story you must know about is the casting of a future star. Fresh off her dynamic and breakout role in the zombie classic WYRMWOOD, Bianca Bradley returns. This time she will be fighting off a monster of the sea as she accepts a role in the shark driven grindhouse romp GREY FEAR. We first mentioned the movie and it’s Kickstarter some time ago but this announcement is worth your attention. We have a few more things lined up this month dedicated to women behind and in front of the camera that are just as exciting. Bradley inserted into the lineup puts GREY FEAR on a definitive list of must sees for this summer. Their crowd funder has less than a month left to help them in their final push! Look for more updates from GREY FEAR in the coming weeks.

As you may be aware, pre-production is in full swing on Mystery Road’s next feature movie.

This is a hardboiled crime pulp horror with an unconventional structure and extensive use of homage, pastiche and graphic violence.

It blends the surf world of the 60s with the Grindhouse of the 70s, set in today’s world and wrapped up in a graphic exploitation shark horror movie.

This is Grindhouse horror at it’s best as it pays homage to the days of the paperback Pulp horror novels.

We are also welcoming BIANCA BRADEY of Wyrmwood fame, as the lead role and heroine of this film playing “JEWELL NORTH”

After the international success of”WRATH” starring Stef Dawson from “The Hunger Games”,

Jonathan N. Dixon, whom is rep’ed by WME and actor / producer William Emmons (Terminus, Never Tear Us Apart-INXS, Wrath)

have teamed up to bring this film to the silver screen.

In an effort to provide horror fans with what they truly want and with a new flavour.

Principle production begins next June, 2016 with release looking for early 2017.







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