Film Festival

Grimm Up North presents Sci Fi film Festival ‘Supernova’


Grimm Up North, Grimmfest, RAD and all the great parties included are forever keeping us going by bringing about some of the best festivals in UK pop culture. They look to corner the sci fi genre with their latest endeavor the SUPERNOVA film festival that takes place in Manchester, England. The first festival run will begin in May and cater to sci fi films new and old alike. The Odeon Printworks will also be the destination for the screenings as the theater has truly become a part of the Grimm family. Read ahead for the details on SUPERNOVA and submissions and sales are now open.

Grimm Up North are excited to announce their brand new film festival taking place in May as a counter point to their international horror and cult film festival Grimmfest in October. SUPERNOVA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL will be an international celebration of science fiction cinema; past, present and future. The event will take place 27th-30th May 2016 at ODEON Printworks in Manchester, UK.

The idea for the event had been in the back of festival co-director Simeon Halligan’s mind for sometime after noticing a drought of Science Fiction based film festivals in the UK; Simeon remarks; ‘Noticing there isn’t really a film festival centring on the Science fiction genre outside of London, we thought it was about time we readjusted the balance. We run Horror centric Grimmfest every October, so it seemed to make sense to introduce our new Sci-fi themed event at the other end of the year’.

SUPERNOVA marks the second large scale collaboration between ODEON and Grimm Up North after the highly successful 7th edition of the internationally renowned GRIMMFEST. ODEON’s Event Manager Adam Jackson states “We are all very excited to be collaborating with SUPERNOVA film festival. At ODEON we are always striving to create inspiring entertainment experiences for every guest and the latest festival from Grimm Up North is sure to offer the best in science fiction film in the UK.”

SUPERNOVA is set to take over ODEON’s state of the art big screens over the bank holiday at the end of May. Whilst the team at Grimm Up North HQ remain tight lipped about the festivals line up due to be announced in the coming months, Festival co-director Rachel Richardson-Jones teases ‘There’s lots to be excited about including 70mm screenings of a recent classic, Q&A’s with legends of Sci-fi cinema production and a plethora of the best new sci-fi movies from every corner of the globe’.

Submissions for the festivals official selection are now open via film freeway. Tickets are expected to be on sale within a month with the line up shortly after that.



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