DVD Release

Indie thriller ‘Captive’ available this Summer



A few things that have become more than familiar to fans of indie horror are as followed: closed off rooms, multiple characters and some crazy shit going on. Not to be confused by the terrible big budgeted films of the same name Stephen Patrick Kenny CAPTIVE is the latest in the SAW styled features where no one is safe. The film heads to VOD and Digital Download in May followed by a DVD release of June 13th. CAPTIVE is a nice little virus thriller that seems like a cross between the aforementioned franchise and CABIN FEVER. Enjoy the trailer and still ahead and get ready to be CAPTIVE this summer!

The year is 2021 and 12 strangers have been chosen for a game that will see only one of them survive over twenty-four hours. The killer game which sees each of them infected with a virus that will only do one thing without the cure……kill. The virus isn’t like any other as some of the chosen change to a demon type creature. Captive is a chilling story of 12 strangers (lead by The Pigman Murder’s Mark Hutchinson’s character Dean) as he tries to guide 11 others through a series of tasks if they are to get a cure for a killer virus that they all seem to be infected with. With the clock counting down from 24 hours they have to make some decisions that will haunt them for the rest of their lives….as the decisions get harder, characters are broken while others stand up and become leaders but only one of them can survive this.


CAPTIVE is directed by Stephen Patrick Kenny and stars Mark Hutchinson, Bernie Coen, Rob James Capel and Bernie Kavanagh.


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