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A fairy tale of gore ‘Baskin’ – movie review


After watching the trailer for Baskin so many times I was able to catch director Can Evrenol’s debut film at a local independent theater doing a special screening of the movie. The Turkish horror film is about a squad of cops who are more than just a team, they are a close net group of friends and family. The unsuspecting group of men get a call to venture out to an old abandon police station that has tales of legend. There is a supposed disturbance, and they find themselves entering into carnage and a suspecting gateway to hell. Baskin is a beautiful mix of gut wrenching, heart pounding horror.

When watching Baskin you are hit with nothing but scene after scene of adrenaline rushed, blood soaking gore with the mix of a weird time slip that could be confusing to the audience. One thing Baskin gives outside of the gore is that Can Evrenol takes his movie to a stellar plane. It helps really build his characters within Baskin and intermingles it with the brutality of the experiences the men have faced. Every second of the film there is an intense build up of dread.
Once the group of police officers have reached the abandon police station, they find themselves in the mix of what I can only call a bloody acid trip. You start to see the influences of director Clive Barkers Hellraiser and also some influences from 70’s Italian horror. Once inside the station there is no stopping the movement of the film which at times were to fast paced and filled with as much carnage and gore that Can could put in at once. The men experience the black mass of devote worshipers who have turn to cannibalism and torture as they enter the gate to hell.
Baskin is a fairy tale of gore and will definitely satisfy the fan who loves a horror film that is filled with blood and torture. Even though slightly predictable at times, the film presented everything that was expected.  Can Evrenol has set himself up for future horror movies and has given himself a film that will be remembered by the fans of true gore.
BASKIN is directed by Can Evernol and stars Muharrem Bayrak, Gorkem Kasal and Mehmet Cerrahoglu. It is being released courtesy of IFC Midnight. 

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