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Horror Tease: Carles Jofre ‘Verano Rojo’



There is only 20 days left to fund a splatter driven little Majorcan flick from Carles Jofre and UFO Studio VERANO ROJO (Red Summer). The throwback to the slasher era feature follows a vacation retreat going dreadfully wrong. VERANO ROJO has already been filmed and the movie is in post production status. That’s where you the fan comes in as they need a little bit of financial support to wrap things up. It’s a very attainable goal with some good perks to satisfy your lust for gore. Click the link ahead and check out all the details on VERANO ROJO.

VERANO ROJO (RED SUMMER) is written, directed and edited by ESCAC(Superior School of Cinema and Audiovisual of Catalonia) graduate Carlos Jofre. Its main feature is the presence of a psychopath who brutally murdered youths who are outside the supervision of adult people. Most of the time the victims are involved in premature sex or drug use. Another recurring element in the genre is the presence of the so-called “final girl”, a young woman who is pursued by the murderer during the last minutes of the film. The success of these films for the audiences has led to the production of numerous sequels.



The money raised from the contributions is intended to complete a vital process as the post-production. We go with all for it, because we consider that a good post-production is essential for a film like this.


The contributions will be aimed at:

  • Recording BSO (Orchestra)
  • Sound Mixing.
  • Digital effects (VFX).
  • Color Grading.
  • Copies DCP.

We need 7.000€ and we have only 40 days to achieve our goal. This amount of money will give us the possibility to finish the movie with the maximum quality.

The film tells the story of a group of friends who arrive to Mallorca to enjoy their idyllic holidays. Searching for sunny beaches and enjoyment they will lead them to the most inhospitable wilderness.This will be the beginning of an infernal journey.
We count with a cast of young actors beginners graduates in ESADIB (*School of Dramatic Art in the Balearic Islands*) Inés Palmer, Juanan Cruz and Aina Zuazaga,Guiem Juaneda, in addition also Carlos Poyal, Dominic Hull, Gaspar Alemany and Daniel Salom who have a long career in film, television and theater.


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