Horror Movies

Some of the Best Yet Weirdest Horror Movies Around



Weird and strange horror films

Over the decades, the horror movie genre has become hugely popular with fans of all ages tuning in or heading to cinemas in order to enjoy the spine-chilling action that these films offer. Of course, just like other genres there are horror movies that are good, some that are bad, some that are so bad that they are good, and some that are just downright strange.

When it comes to horror, there are some movies that manage to pull off being strange yet are also a great watch. These are the types of films that keep us glued to our screen, as there is something different and unique about them but they do not fall into that dreaded ‘B’ movie category. Set in everywhere from seedy strip clubs and Las Vegas casinos through to remote cabins and wilderness, these are horror movies that are set to go down in the annals of horror movie history.

Must-watch strange horror movies

The movies below manage to combine the perfect mix of strange and unmissable, as they keep you glued to the screen while also enabling you to enjoy a unique horror movie experience. Some of the films that you should make sure you watch include:

Fright Night 2011 – The original 1980s Fright Night movie became a real classic and was a little strange itself. However, the 2011 remake was even better, with the likes of David Tennant and Colin Farrell making it a great watch. This is an action-packed vampire flick with a big budget and a lot of it there is a wonderful mix o comedy, horror, gore, and tongue in cheek humour, with Tennant’s character in particular captivating audiences.

Wishmaster: This is a 1990s film that went on to become something of a cult classic. The story is centred around a woman who inadvertently releases an evil genie from his unearthly prison. Like other genies this one does grant wishes but they are wishes with a difference. A great part of the movie is where the genie heads to a Las Vegas casino where everyone is wishing for good luck – and they get it…at a price, which just happens to be their souls! Since online casino games were not around then the casino was packed to the hilt. Fortunately we no longer have to head to bricks and mortar casinos as you can now play Betway’s Casinospin the roulette wheel online in safety from the comfort of your own home without fear of being accosted by an evil genie!

Cabin in the Woods: When this movie was first advertised many people thought it would be your run of the mill horror with a group of annoying people heading to a cabin and getting killed off one by one – and to some degree it was. However, there was a great twist in that the horror that the victims were facing was all engineered by an organisation that had to ensure that human sacrifices were made in order to keep the world safe from destruction by monster from the evil underworld.

American Mary: This is a very strange movie but it does keep you hooked as you are keen to see what happens next. The story follows a medical student who becomes a stripper in order to make money. She then turns to underground surgery so that she can make even more cash, and this is where the gore and horror really begins. This is a movie that combines gory horror with quite an intelligent plot interlaced with sleaze and surprises.

These are just some of the great movies that have graced our screens over recent decades and have brought us the perfect combination of fabulous, strange and unique.



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