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What a rush ‘Hardcore Henry’ – movie review


HARDCORE HENRY in theaters now

There are times when we as movie fans have to ask ourselves WTF am I watching. Usually it’s either due to the film just being plain terrible or the plot and execution are just over our heads. Then there are time when we say to ourselves, “I’m not sure what I’m watching but I really don’t give a damn, this sh** is awesome! HARDCORE HENRY falls under that category. A film that first person shooter fans must see, HH is a POV swan dance of violence and brutality. The opening credits alone set the tone for what’s in store and from there it’s  pure madness. Beautiful chaos is term to described the fighting style of UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk. If her ability in muay thai and mixed martial arts were displayed in front of you on the big screen it would look something like HARDCORE HENRY.

The film follows a man who is not really a man but no spoilers here so I’m not going to tell you why. You don’t even get a moment to relax as from scene one you are literally thrown into the mix. Certain films start this way and usually ease up on the gas pedal. The same cannot be said for HARDCORE HENRY. Just when you have time to catch your breath from the last explosion or insane thrill you are kicked in the stomach by another, then another, then another. HARDCORE HENRY is “bro approved” no doubt so If your gf’s aren’t really a fan I can see why. Though women into violent movies will for sure eat this up. It’s being talked about as the second best action film of this year with good reason. The POV styling for some will be hard to handle and that’s truly its downfall. For whatever you don’t initially like about HARDCORE HENRY it will surely be made up by the performance of Sharlto Copley in possibly his best role to date which is saying much. I have no issues with critics and fans picking apart the substance of this film and it’s really understandable. But who cares? Every once in awhile it’s ok to turn your brain off and just enjoy and exciting and entertaining idea.

With all the grotesque flair available in HH sadly it will be a film that many will miss. Even for myself who has seen over 15 POV movies in the last two years it was a bit much. The good thing to hope for is maybe a film like this will create an awareness on how to fix the issues of motion sickness to make future films of this caliber a more enjoyable experience for all. You guys remember when 3D first came back? What a headache. HH may take a hit on the home entertainment front as well since most televisions are now the size of a major theater screen. Though if you can bare the insanity I recommend you see this one sooner or later. Myself I may be going for a second helping of Henry, why? EZ because i’m no p***! (inside joke from the film)


4.5 / 5


HARDCORE HENRY is directed by Ilya Naishuller and stars Sharlto Copley, Danila Kozlovsky, Haley Bennet, Andrey Dementyev and Tim Roth. It is now playing in theaters everywhere courtesy of STX Entertainment.


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