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All boxed up with no place to go ‘The Hoarder’ – DVD rental


THE HOARDER now available on DVD

A long time ago a few papers in LA ran stories about wild homeless people living in storage units near Hollywood. Come to find out this phenomenon has taken place all over the states to the point where certain facilities had to beef up security to stop it from happening. Then there was the tale of a man that liked to collect butterflies and spiders and it ended up being humans as his ultimate prize. That was the basis for the story behind THE COLLECTOR. If you mix it all together in one pot and add in our dear friend the long legged Mischa Barton, you get the Matt Winn thriller THE HOARDER. When a woman (Barton) believes her fiance is cheating on her she heads to his storage unit to uncover some secrets. Of course she finds more than she bargains for and her night turns into a fight for survival.

You will get the point of THE HOARDER within the first 20 minutes of the film and from there it’s up to you where you go with it. There is a little surprise in the mix for the viewers towards the end but  outside of that this is just another good old fashion survival flick. There aren’t too many jumps, scares, bells and whistles but the gore is pretty on point and the body count is better than expected. There was a film that came out a few years back that is very similar to what you get with THE HOARDER except it was dealing with supernatural elements. Though if you have watched one film with a group of people locked in a building you have seen them all. Barton and crew do fine job of holding down their roles but when it mostly consists of ducking, hiding and running so what more needs to be said?

It’s possible this film has already reached your forgotten list of horror movies this year but it’s not that tragic. Honestly the concept of the film isn’t all that bad and with a little more imagination it could be something worthwhile. THE HOARDER hits the decent meter and in a period where most of the good horror is found on demand it will be worth your time to check out some rentals that hit that scale. Just remember to exit your storage unit before it’s closing time okay?

2 / 5

THE HOARDER is directed by Matt Winn and stars Mischa Barton, Robert Knepper , Andrew Buckley, Charlotte Salt , Emily Atack , John Sackville and Valene Kane. It is now available on DVD courtesy of RLJ Entertainment.


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