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Tainted romance across the border ‘Crossing Point’ – movie review



The thoughts of a vacation are usually filled with hope for a great experience and lasting memories. For our couple in the Daniel Zirilli film CROSSING POINT a week of surf and love in the Baja becomes an unrelentless nightmare of kidnappings, drug cartels and deceit. Standout performances by Jacob Vargas and Shawn Lock turns an all too familiar tale into a very entertaining action thriller holding you to the brink.


The premise behind CROSSING POINT is by no means new to an action driven audience, Americans go to a foreign land, somebody gets kidnapped and the loved one must do whatever they can to save them. In this case the task is to take narcotics across the border. Though doing so places our main character in a world full of shady individuals with no answer on who to trust. Once the setting is established the film takes it up to another level to produce a high octane thriller. Films like TRAFFIC and even COLLATERAL will give you an idea of the execution and route the CROSSING POINT takes. A few parts are a little far fetched but you can tell he writer and director did a good job of understanding the perils one would go through in such a dire situation. If guns, DEA agents and drugs are your thing then you won’t have any issue with CROSSING POINT.

What will satisfy any viewer is an unexpected twist that will have you cringing to see how it’s played out. There is really nothing over the top with CROSSING POINT but it’s for sure the type of movie you action film watching Dad will enjoy. Similar to horror flicks action thrillers will always have an audience and don’t be surprised if sometime in the future you come across CROSSING POINT and can’t take your eyes away or turn the channel.


2.5 / 5


CROSSING POINT is directed by Daniel Zirilli and stars Shawn Lock, Jacob Vargas, Rudy Youngblood with Paulina Gaitan and Tom Sizemore and Luke Goss. It is being released courtesy of XLrator Media.



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