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Dear diary please don’t steal my soul ‘Restoration’ – movie review


RESTORATION on demand now

One of the magical moments in a couple’s life is when they have time to make some upgrades to their house in anticipation of starting a new life. For some couples just getting the house in the first place is quite the accomplishment. Though as many of us horror fans know usually a house has secrets and if those walls could talk, well then maybe some lives could be saved. Such is the case with the new supernatural thriller from Zack Ward RESTORATION. The film is about a couple who stumbles across an old teddy bear and in that bear there is a diary. This diary unleashes a spirit of a little girl and makes the viewer question is she there to harm them or to hurt them. It’s the type of film that in my eyes always begs the question “What would the Winchester boys do?”

RESTORATION is pure creepy fun. It’s a very straightforward horrible with a predictable twist that still ends up being satisfying. The good in RESTORATION lies with a solid cast and a story that really reminds us of various folk lores and myths from our childhood. The bad in RESTORATION deals with the fact that even though there are a few jump and creepy parts overall the film is lukewarm scary leaving so much left to the imagination. It doesn’t hurt the overall appeal of the film but just don’t expect to look over your shoulder or under the bed after seeing it. Still the film is a quick watch and should be pleasing to most ghost frenzied fans. If you are into the occult or enjoy tales of human monsters from the past like Elizabeth Bathory then RESTORATION will be right up your alley.

While I was hoping that RESTORATION would raise the intensity level as the movie went on I will admit I really enjoyed it. The childish rhetoric that is the overall background really helps and at the end of the day what’s creepier than dead children? RESTORATION should do well once it hits home entertainment and I can really see it gaining some ground once it hits outlets like Netflix. The DVD doesn’t come out for a while but it hits on demand tomorrow. Give it a view and let us know what you think as the supernatural trends continue!

2 /5

The On Demand release of Restoration on 5/3 will be followed by the DVD on 7/5.


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